Measuring 101  

What we  need:

       If you are in a wedding, planning a wedding, or going to a special event we will need you to follow the directions below to ensure that we get your tux on time. We need to have your measurements and payment at least 2 months before the big day to ensure the proper fit and style. 

  1. Get your measurements! Below you will see multiple options on how, where and what measurements we need for the best fit.

  2. Submit your measurements! Here is each and every way: A. Follow along to the end of this page where you will find the submission area for all required measurements. B. Email us your completed measurement form at C. Simply stop by or give us a call at the store (509) 927-4191!

  3. Payment! We will need your payment at least 2 months prior to your event. Feel free to stop by and see us or call us and pay over the phone.

Out of Town/ On the go

If you are out of town or unable to come into our shop please let us know! You can either go to a Jim's Formal Wear dealer or any tuxedo professional and get your measurements at no cost. Make sure to print off and bring the printable measurement form which you can find here ! If you are unable to come in for the try-on we've got you covered! We can send your tux directly to your door step or an address of your choosing! 

from home  

If you need to measure from home you will find detailed instructions on how to measure yourself here. It may be a good idea to have the measurement form handy to ensure you don't miss any of the necessary measurements!

In Town

If you are located in or near the Spokane Valley please stop by the store and we can measure you here. Allot yourself up to 30 minutes and be prepared to try some size options on!  

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